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Our Architecture Services

At Noel Isherwood Architects we are well versed in architecture across many sectors. This derives from decades of hands-on project experience of our team members across the private and public sectors, both and home and abroad, including within residential, commercial, mixed-use, arts and culture, community/ecclesiastical, hospitality and heritage domains as well as in education and healthcare.

Our team members’ individual track record of involvement of architectural projects ranges in scale from private residential homes, arts/cultural and community buildings, through to boutique hotels, housing schemes, commercial buildings, schools, healthcare facilities and mixed-use developments. Through this experience we have provided architectural services for projects, assembled collaborative projects teams, have administered traditional forms of contract and have worked within design and build scenarios.

As a practice, we have carried out work in the private residential, hospitality, and community sectors with either a partial or full architectural service remit.

The architecture services that we provide are based on the requirements of the RIBA Plan of Work 2013 (stages 0-7) and may include tasks relating to all roles, whether as project lead, lead designer and/or architect and thus any of the following standard service components relating to:


  • Strategic Brief contribution, Initial Project Brief contribution, Final Project Brief contribution


  • Architectural Concept Design in accordance with Initial Project Brief, Design Responsibility Matrix (roles and responsibilities) incorporating Information Exchanges and Design program
  • Architectural Developed Design according to Final Project Brief, Design Responsibility Matrix (roles and responsibilities) incorporating Information Exchanges and Design program
  • Architectural Technical Design in accordance with Design Responsibility Matrix (roles and responsibilities) incorporating Information Exchanges, Design program and lead designer comments.
  • ‘As Constructed’ Information, review and update management according to Design Responsibility Matrix (roles and responsibilities) incorporating Information Exchanges

Feasibility Studies

  • We can undertake feasibility studies, including in association with viability assessments.

Research and Development

  • We carry out research and development of construction materials, building typologies and construction techniques as required during the course of our work.


  • Local authority liaison (Planning/Building Control)
  • 3rd party consultations
  • Specialist subcontractor liaison
  • Lead designer assistance (if not appointed as such)
  • Design team progress and performance monitoring and review
  • Design team assistance (with responses to site queries related to co-ordination or integration)


  • Past project Feedback
  • Project Execution Plan information, contribution, reviews and updates
  • Project Strategies and updates
  • Project Information review and updates
  • Construction program and Cost Information comment
  • Handover Strategy implementation and/ task management
  • Site Information report
  • Site inspections and review against specification and construction program
  • Site queries responses


  • Health & Safety Strategy contribution
  • Planning Application Submission (including Design & Access Statements)
  • Building Regulation Approval Submission

Other Architectural Services

There are sometimes requirements to explore aspects of an architectural project that would be outside architects’ normal services, or requirements to liaise with other specialists in order to fulfill a project.

These can be necessary to assist the decision-making process of your project at any stage of its lifecycle and Noel Isherwood Architects can assist you in several areas including the following additional architectural services:

Listed Building Consent Applications

Listed Building Consent applications are required when you want to demolish, alter or extend a listed building in a way that would affect its character as a building of special architectural or historic interest. It may also be needed for any works to separate buildings within the grounds of a listed building. It is a criminal offence to carry out such work without listed building consent. Noel Isherwood Architects can undertake the preparation and submission of Listed Building Consent Applications, including all necessary liaison with the local authorities, and heritage officers.

Conservation Area Consent applications

Conservation Area Consent Applications are required when external alterations are made to a property located within a conservation area, such as the World Heritage City of Bath.

Noel Isherwood Architects can undertake the preparation and submission of Conservation Area Consent Applications, including all necessary liaison with local authorities, conservation bodies and conservation officers. 

Measured Building Surveys

Measured building surveys are plans developed at scale that reflect the dimensions of an existing building and are required where plans, sections and elevations, and in some cases models, of existing building fabric are needed.

Noel Isherwood Architects either performs measured building surveys in-house, or in association with specialist building surveyors.

Building Condition Reports

Building Condition reports are detailed written and photographic building condition reports and required to describe defects and identify required remedial work.

Noel Isherwood Architects can perform building condition reports in-house, or in association with specialist surveyors. We recommend input from a Structural Engineer where structural elements are to be assessed.

Party Wall Notice Applications

Neighbours need to be informed in a regulated way if building work near or on your shared property boundary, or ‘party wall’, is to be carried out in England and Wales.

Noel Isherwood Architects can undertake Party Wall Notice Applications. We may recommend input from specialist Party Wall Surveyors in some circumstances.

Development appraisals

Development appraisals assist developers in quickly identifying the development value of a site, land or existing buildings that are sought to be developed or redeveloped. Residual land or valuation involves valuing land with development potential through residual land calculations.

Noel Isherwood Architects can provide development appraisals revealing residual valuation in association with property and land valuation specialists.

Viability assessments

Viability assessments are financial appraisals that describe the amount of profit a developer can expect to make on a particular project. They are needed to assess the quantum of affordable houses required for any particular development. 

Noel Isherwood Architects can undertake site-level viability assessments when needed. We may recommend input from specialist viability assessors in some circumstances.

Project status reports

Project status reports present an executive overview, of milestones and deliverables (in terms of time and cost), open issues, risks and design changes and scheduled and completed tasks. They are useful throughout the design and construction process, on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, depending on the scale and complexity of the project.

Noel Isherwood Architects can prepare project status reports. We recommend input from a Quantity Surveyor for the financial overview and construction cost plan documentation.

Landscape surveys

Landscape surveys are required where the presence of existing hard or soft landscaping (including planting layouts as applicable) need to be defined. They can be a planning requirement.

Noel Isherwood Architects can perform minor landscape surveys in-house. We recommend input from landscape survey specialists where extensive landscape survey data is required.

Arboricultural surveys

Arboricultural surveys are required where tree survey information is necessary. It can be a planning requirement to consider the age, health and potential growth of a tree/trees in a designated area. These, or arboricultural impact assessments, are generally requested by local councils when applying for planning permission to see how a tree might interfere with a development, or vice-versa.

Noel Isherwood Architects can perform minor arboricultural surveys in-house. We recommend input from arboricultural survey specialists where detailed arboricultural survey data is required.

Other requirements

A range of other surveys, assessments and statements may also be needed to fulfil planning obligations, such as:

  • Archaeological Survey,
  • Hydrological/Drainage Assessment,
  • Topographical Surveys,
  • Ecological surveys
  • Environmental Impact statements

We recommend input from specialists where any of these are required. In other instances we can liaise with other specialists to achieve particular environmental requirements, such as:

  • Energy modelling
  • PassivHaus Certification
  • BREEAM Assessment
  • LEED Certification

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Architecture and how buildings should look and function is a very personal matter for many. Some clients prefer traditional buildings while the local authority may be pushing ‘contemporary’ architecture to the limit. Sometimes it is the opposite way around. At Noel Isherwood Architects wherever you are starting from we give you a route map. This will enable you to navigate the often arduous process of gaining a planning permission. The aim is to achieve a consent with your original vision for the project intact. 

The projects you see below vary widely reflecting the range of clients we have served.

You can see how we have served our clients by reading how we have met their needs through their testimonials.

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