Noel Isherwood


Coming Home for Christmas

Coming Home for Christmas I knew it wouldn’t stand the wolf test The third of six posts featuring vikicartoons.

Valuing the Corner Shop

This is the second of six posts featuring vikicartoons Is the corner shop dead? It’s all Napoleon’s fault!  Allegedly he called England a nation of

Reclaiming the Streets

This is the first in a six part series featuring the work of vikicartoons. Viki; Reclaiming the Streets; before and after. It was the best

Co-Housing: The missing ingredient

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing! Which housing model works best? East End Community Land Trust

How Low Carbon is Swansea Bay?

How Low Carbon is Swansea Bay? This week I gave the keynote talk at a Low Carbon Swansea Bay (LCSB) event. So the question was,

From WILD WEST to Buyer Beware

From WILD WEST to Buyer Beware The Wild West! “I take it you’ve never travelled this way before sir? “ The guard has just responded

Drawing Conclusions

Drawing Conclusions Drawings tell your story more vividly and instantaneously than any amount of text. From Palladio to Gordon Cullen, drawings have either been the

An Architectural Dilemma

An Architectural Dilemma This week at tennis as I watch my son from the bench, return the ball over the net one more time, I

Clothing and Building Materials

Clothing and Building Materials If you are prone to taking a ramble or even a scramble up one of our delightful UK mountains, you will

Fashion And Architecture

Fashion And Architecture What do Paul Smith the classic British fashion designer (smelling the roses above) and the Chelsea flower show have in common? Is