From WILD WEST to Buyer Beware

From WILD WEST to Buyer Beware

The Wild West!

“I take it you’ve never travelled this way before sir? “

The guard has just responded to my query about the location of the power sockets in the carriage as we travel up through the Western Highlands from Glasgow.  Stuff it, I’ll have to do everything on my iPhone.

The architecture of Glasgow is quite stunning down town. There’s a confidence evident from the quality of the urban design; the positioning of the monuments, right through to the architectural brilliance of the Art Nouveau details which set the trend for years around the world.

The atmosphere is very different today in developing new projects in the not-so-wild-west. Before you get chance to dig the first piece of turf, a raft of information and reports are required to be read or produced before you get anywhere near the joy of building. Woe betide any client today on any property large or small who does not carry out a full due diligence, preferably before buying the site! The tree surveys, TPO’s, ecological reports, access rights, rights of way, ownerships, party wall agreements, utilities and the nuances of the planning system are all set to kick in the moment you take action.

I love newts, bats, birds and flowers, but when even the smallest and insignificant brownfield site attracts the full weight of the EU ecological sledge hammer, you are going to think twice about taking any kind of risk. Waiting for 8 weeks or thereabouts to achieve a planning consent is one thing, waiting a full 4 seasons or more before the birds and the bats have been given time to find a new habitat, is another order of magnitude.

Dereliction and Ecology

The days not so long ago when you could take a view on developing a site or derelict building based on previous experience and gut instinct have almost disappeared, unless you have an appetite for serious risk taking.

Buyer Beware. This has never been more important for those involved in property or real estate. Being unaware of any aspect of the property you are considering can cost you dearly. This is why you will need an initial professional overview that covers all aspects of investigation before you get too far with your designs.

Who should be on this team of advisors is key to getting the right view on taking the next step. This will seem like an unnecessary expense to some, but in fact is the only sure way to save you serious money and significant heartache further down the track.

So, no more WILD WEST whatever track you are on. But don’t give up your DREAMS!  Just make sure you prepare in the right way……

…and don’t forget, you can always travel the Scott Rail line through the Western Highlands for your shot at the Wild West.

Just don’t bother with the power cables……

No power sockets here

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