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Painting is a way of exploring the world visually and allows the artist to look beyond their normally respected, self imposed boundaries. Living, as we do, in a ‘modern’ world, we find ourselves uneasy when it comes to explaining why we like figuration, while in general promoting abstraction. Some of my paintings began as studies of abstract modernist developments in the east end of London. Very often the names given to a particular street, court, close or cul-de-sac would defy the dystopian actualite. Names like, Pinewood Close, Rosewood Close or Meadow Field Court come to mind. I found , often that abstract buildings could make quite acceptable abstract paintings, but that they could result in soulless environments. 

As part of my exploratory practice as an architect at Noel Isherwood Associates I continue to explore the world through paintings. If you would like to enquire about a particular painting, please contact me.
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