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“The most important scale is the people scale” Jan Gehl

According to the United Nations, by 2050, approaching 70% of the world population will live in urban settlements. Architectural projects are increasingly set within urban contexts or contribute to urban communities, whether cities, towns or urban villages. For the remaining 30%, situated in rural communities, an increasing proportion have urbanised lifestyles due to technological advances that facilitate remote working.
Many developments pay lip service to sustainable development while leaving out essential ingredients for long term sustainability. Mixed uses for example are rarely delivered to the extent that they will ensure long term economic viability. Nor is it adequately understood how they contribute to the development of walkable neighbourhoods and healthier lifestyles.

Place-making services

At Noel Isherwood Architects, we believe that building design and urban design are one and the same discipline. This is essential to achieving an integrated sense of place. This is a principle that runs through all the disciplines connected with urban design and planning. Our services include:
  • Strategic Masterplanning: structuring of new settlements to support low carbon communities
  • Masterplanning: Urban Extension design for city districts, towns and more rural locations.
  • Public Realm Design Guidance: streets, squares, shared surface. Form based design codes.
  • Characterisation Studies: including building typology
  • Urban Regeneration: including arts and cultural engagement

Placemaking services (cont)

  • High Street regeneration: including engagement with stakeholders such as local traders
  • Enquiry by Design: a specific workshop-based tool for engaging communities and other stakeholders in the process of urban design.
  • Scoping workshops: public consultation.
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Booking a presentation of the 10 Steps to Sustainable Place Making , If you are joining as a group from your company, please let us know the numbers by email – A Zoom invitation will be sent to each person attending before the event.

Our MUST method

To raise awareness of one of the key missing ingredients in housing development today, we have developed our MUST method. This is briefly outlined below.
  • •M – Mixed
  • •U– Use
  • •S– Settlement
  • •T– Theory
This has come out of writing the 10 Steps to Sustainable Place Making and in is the process of further research.
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TOD - Transit Oriented

I was privileged to make a research trip to Strasbourg with a Graduate Fellow and Rhodes Scholar who assisted me in analysing the tram system and how it was delivered across the city of Strasbourg. The Strasbourg Report records this research. The document has since been utilised in early planning in key regions of urban regeneration in the UK.

Urbanism: Cost of Services

Please contact us for an assessment of costs for urban design and masterplanning and related services. The process and fee structure is similar to the RIBA Design stages described in ‘Architectural Services’ and on the Services main page. For further information contact us on 0789 1776251 or book a feasibility call.