Our Visualisation Services

Architectural and urban visualisations can be used in different ways. It is increasingly important to understand what a new building or urban quarter is going to look like before pressing ahead. Planners often require a 3D view to explore a design before giving detailed comments. Likewise, local communities can be involved in decision-making and the best way to explain your ideas is through visualisation.

As a practice Noel Isherwood Architects is well regarded for the variety and high quality of drawings skills it can bring to an architectural or urban project. In public workshop settings we can capture the ‘vision’ that a community has been aiming for but has not been able to visually articulate. This can occur even before a masterplan or urban design has been developed in any detail. The same applies to building projects where there is insufficient information to design in detail but a feel for how the project could look is still essential to move things forward.

Our visualisation services

  • Hand-drawn perspectives, isometrics and birds-eye views:
  • Drawings/Illustrations: in watercolour and other mediums: pencil, ink, pastel – in colour or black and white
  • 3D wire-frame models
  • Full Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) rendering
  • Physical models built to scale.

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