Fashion And Architecture

Fashion And Architecture

What do Paul Smith the classic British fashion designer (smelling the roses above) and the Chelsea flower show have in common?

Is it the evocation of all that is quintessentially English?

The classic cut meets the multicoloured herbaceous border, which you don’t have to be born in England to fully appreciate. His name couldn’t be more English for starters and his mens suits seem to superbly bring together the quiet authority of a confident, but not in your face character with the wild but restrained use of floral patterns. How English and yet what global appeal!

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When it comes to architectural design, at Noel Isherwood we like to think the same sensibilities apply. When you have a look at the new buildings of today there is a sense in which restraint and true sophistication have gone to the wind. Unrestrained Versace or Armani is a more appropriate analogy, with cultural references taken from a global smorgasbord of photo shop of images, shared on every conceivable device with little local context to inform the designs. ‘Anywhere’ places are created this way where no attempt is made to relate to the local or cultural context.

This is where designers like Paul Smith have got it right.

To have real global appeal you get your inspiration from the local context. And yes Paul Smith does take an annual visit to the Chelsea flower show. Why? Because his love of gardening cross-pollinates his design work.

As someone who as a child was brought up in the middle of a botanic garden, I too, now as an architect, wish to bring together an appreciation of the abundance of the great English garden and its landscape with the restrained use of sound building construction not dissimilar to the process that results in a classic well tailored Paul Smith suit.

Noel takes a day off school (ear ache – honest) to pose with the staff of the botanic gardens. (that’s me -elbow on the back of the seat)

I don’t know where you get your inspiration from but our job is to tease this out of you as you begin the process of imagining your future dream home.

To acquaint yourself more with the next step of turning your plans into reality, I suggest that you click the link above right after filling in your email address and get instant access to the booklet I have specially prepared for you, “How to design and build your dream (before hiring an architect).”

A famously early riser – I like that – he gets into the show at 6:45 AM. Yes Paul Smith takes his annual Chelsea flower show visit seriously and so should you take seriously, stepping forward with your goals if you wish to realise your building project to create your ideal home!


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